Order Some!

We are currently popping in a small batch format to a volume that we think we can sell within a day or so. Our grab and go bag size is perfect for walking around Charleston, or taking home a little taste of the Lowcountry. We will soon be adding a shopping cart to order our popcorn. Until then we can process any order on our SQUARE mobile register. You can contact us for that through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/holycitypopcorn , e-mail us at info@holycitypopcorn.com or

call us (630)-638-4141. 

Bag Prices

Our bags currently come in 3 price ranges. All bags hold the same volume of popcorn. Special and seasonal flavored popcorn prices may vary.

-Seasoned Bag $5                     These include our savory and cheese flavors.

-Sugar Bag $6                             These include our baked sugar flavors.

-Sugar Bag with Nuts $7        These include our baked sugar with any kind of tree nut or peanut.


 We also cater events including but not limited to Weddings, Office Parties, Card Nights, Thank You gifts, football weekends,  and any other reason you can think of to add a unique taste to your party or get together.

Special event planning is priced based on many factors including: volume and type of flavors, special labeling, delivery distance and other requests.  We work with almost any budget to add  taste and style to your next Charleston event.



 For prices please contact us at info@holycitypopcorn.comor call us at (630)638-4141.